Our Sweet Zach

Our Sweet Son Zachary

Our sweet son Zachary has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumour. We will be starting radiation in the next week or so to try and shrink the tumour. It is aggressive and will never go away… but we are hopeful that the radiation will give us more time and less suffering for our son. We were able to come home today as their isn’t much the hospital can do over the long weekend…that we couldn’t be doing for him at home. He is taking steroids to help reduce some of the swelling around his tumour and to give him so relief from the nausea and vomiting and dizziness. His head is tilted to the right and his right eye is a bit droopy from the pressure. We are already receiving an outpouring of love and support and help from family and friends, and our little family is very much still in shock. We are working on creating a Facebook blog or group to keep people updated as it is very hard and almost impossible to answer all text and phone calls at this time. Zach is happy to play with Lego today and spend time with his loving sisters. Please pray for us and especially our sweet boy Zachary. If you know Zachary…you know that he is so full of love for anyone and everybody he meets. He is selfless and gives the best hugs. Our hearts are truly broken and wish we could wake up from this horrible nightmare. Thanks to my family who have been helping us so much already.